Windows Phone 8 Using Curved Keyboard?

Virtual keyboard in Windows Windows Phone 8 Using Curved Keyboard?Virtual keyboard on smartphones usually have a standard form. But in Windows Phone 8, supposedly the shape will be curved.

As quoted from CNet, the curved keyboard image is from a leaked presentation from Microsoft Research. Curved keyboard rumored to be worn on the phone to adopt Windows Phone 8 at the end of the year.

Microsoft to innovate because they want the keyboard allows users to type. Microsoft makes a virtual keyboard to follow the how the hand holding the phone by the user.

With a curved keyboard, users can simply hold the phone with one hand and using only the thumbs to type it. Because most of the virtual keyboard that is currently only convenient to use when using two hands.

Microsoft first tried this keyboard are curved on the HTC Trophy. This feature has not been clarified then embedded in Windows Mobile 8 in which.

curved keyboard Windows Phone 8 Using Curved Keyboard?


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