Tricks for Taking Pictures Using a Camera Phone

tricks take pictures with c Tricks for Taking Pictures Using a Camera PhoneCamera phones have advantages in terms of brevity and angle shooting angle is more free than DSLR cameras. By knowing the tricks to take a picture via cell phone, a photographer may be able to produce a good picture even just using a camera phone.


angles shoot camera Tricks for Taking Pictures Using a Camera Phone

Here are some tricks to take pictures with a camera phone as reported by Mashable a while ago:

  • Playing with angles – Do not just take photos of your eye viewpoint. Be creative with low angle, high angle or another angle to get an interesting photo.
  • Take a close – Camera phones have lower resolution than the digital camera, so take pictures as close as possible. But be sure to stay within the proper range so that the picture does not look blurry.
  • Always focus – Choosing to focus on one particular object will generally make the picture more interesting than taking the overall focus.
  • Make sure your subject is in fairly light – If your camera has no built-in flash light, try to take photographs in environments with adequate lighting. If you are indoors, try to turn on the lights.
  • Net fixed lens cameras – Camera phones are easily soiled. Be sure to clean your lenses with the proper cleaning before the target object.



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