Transfer Music Content to Mobile phone via Wappal

musik3 Transfer Music Content to Mobile phone via WappalIn addition to its main function as a communication tool, right from the first mobile phone was famous as a console music player, and not a few vendors who created the music phone segment. But before he could enjoy the music quality is okay, it helps to consider the choice to move (transfer) songs into mobile content. Although each vendor has released an application and facility that allows the transfer from PC to mobile phones, until now there are many people who are confused for data transfer.

Long story short, to move the song files can be done by connecting a variety of media, ranging from infrared, bluetooth, data cable, and card reader. All media liaison had got its own characteristics, and the average is known usefulness. Well, other than the above there are other tactics to transfer songs, even in this way is useful when you find an interesting song files from a PC, but around us there is no bluetooth media, data cable, infrared, or card reader.

The answer to the above cases, use services, through this site we can send the files that we want from a PC to mobile phones, free of charge. Because the website running on the platform, the transfer process can be directed to any area and can be adopted across the type of phone. Here’s how the use Wappal.

  1. The trick is very easy, from a PC to enter the site, do not need any registration, navigate your cursor directly to the box Wap upload / download system. musik1 Transfer Music Content to Mobile phone via Wappal
  2. Click on ‘choose file’, you can instantly select the content to be sent based on the choice of file folders in your PC.
  3. It should be noted, Wappal only restrict the transfer process to the content with maximum size of 1 Mb.
  4. When you have determined the content, just click ‘send file’. Not only is the song content, content in the form of images, animations, and games can also use Wappal.
  5. In the next process you will gain access ID information and a link to download the mobile phone Wappal – musik Transfer Music Content to Mobile phone via Wappal
  6. From the mobile browser, directly navigate to the url in question, and when it is opened directly enter the ID number given.
  7. Further automated content, will download in your mobile phone. In successful trials to transfer songs to MP3 files and JPEG image files.


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