Track Your Lost Android Smartphone with Plan B App


Smartphone Android platform began to be excellent among gadget lovers. With thousands of capabilities and application support that makes the operating system with the green robot logo will immerse users. With a price under 100 dollars, you can already have Android mobile handsets. But also many android smartphones too expensive, more than 1000 dollars.

However, what if the expensive Android device is lost or stolen? What can we trace lost Android smartphone?

By using an application called Plan B, it turns out we can still track Android smartphone is lost. The application can detect the presence of a lost phone even if the phone is not installed with this application.

best app protecting privacy plan b 120621 Track Your Lost Android Smartphone with Plan B App

Well, here is a step-by-step how to track android phone or tablet is lost:

  • When you lose your Android handset, immediately download the application “Plan B” via the Android Market website
  • Then, enter the specifications of the missing android phone, and install. This application will automatically be installed remotely on a lost cell phone via the Internet.
  • Then, the application of Plan B will take you to the point where the phone is currently located with Google Maps and Plan B will automatically send the information to your gmail email.
  • Plan B application will provide information periodically every 10 minutes related to the location of the missing android phone. Plan B will automatically activate the GPS feature, so it can deliver and track data as accurate as possible with the coordinates of an Android phone is lost.
  • If the function is activated GPS and base stations, Plan B will provide highly accurate data, which can coordinate well with the distance of your lost Android phone in meters. This way you can track the location of where the phone was missing.
  • If the above measures fail, immediately send sms “Search” to phone missing, the application will run the reboot of this search procedure to succeed.



This method can only work on Android phones has never been reset.


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