Tips When Adding Contacts BlackBerry Messenger Not Sent

how to backup restore bbm contact list Tips When Adding Contacts BlackBerry Messenger Not SentFor BlackBerry Smartphone users the most disturbing is the pending status after adding BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) contacts. This happens because your requests are waiting to be confirmed.

If you add contacts via PIN or email, you will often get a pending status until the other user receives your request.

No half-hearted pending status sometimes make you have to wait for confirmation from other users for hours or even days. There may be many reasons for the pending status, but here are some tips that you can do to make the other users see your request.

Tips When Adding Contacts BBM Not Sent Tips When Adding Contacts BlackBerry Messenger Not Sent

Tips for adding BlackBerry Messenger contact pending:

  • Make sure your device is set to BlackBerry Messenger: Check the BlackBerry Messenger service, otherwise contact the operator who took her. You can be sure BlackBerry Messenger to send messages or contacts.
  • Check contacts PIN or email: make sure you use the correct PIN or email to contact you wish to add. If you are unsure, cancel the first request and then repeat to add it.
  • Delay Network: Sometimes you are delayed due to network delay your request. To ensure your work BlackBerry Messenger, try to send messages or PIN messages on a contact is available or wait a bit and try to repeat the request again.
  • BlackBerry Messenger Errors: If the above step fails, make sure the fuel your smartphone the BlackBerry Messenger is installed properly. To do this, back up all your data using the BlackBerry Desktop Software. Reinstall BlackBerry Messenger then reboot your device.

The things to consider are that you have sent the request in the right way, because sometimes your friends can not see it for many reasons, they also may have received but did not immediately see it. You can also cancel and send back your request to make sure everything goes well.


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