Tips to Ward off Malware in the Android Market

Ward off Malware in the Android Market Tips to Ward off Malware in the Android MarketWe have seen that recently android market or Google play has been visited by many malware or malicious applications. Where malware can spread the virus even when we install new applications. Of course users do not want to download the malware but unfortunately a lot of malware is hidden behind the application, for example, in applications that are very popular Angry Birds.

Company specialized in the security field Trend Micro gives brief tips to prevent malware infections in android, as follows:

  • Know who the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s application?

Know that cyber criminals or malware always follow the application being popular and then they try to imitate. One example is the rogue application for the popular game we now know as the game Angry Birds produced by Rovio Mobile and fake application of this game ever made by the developers Logastrod.

original game maker Angry Birds That Rovio Mobile Tips to Ward off Malware in the Android Market


Check the reputation of the manufacturer of the application, and how the developer provides a record of the applications they create. If application developers provide less information about the application you should not buy or use the application. Make sure the name of the game maker is the original game maker Angry Birds, That Rovio Mobile.

Notice also if the game maker’s name is different, namely Logastrod. Although the game has to offer is the same, but the Angry Bird game is an imitation or a fake.

  • View Ratings and review results

Assessment of its review of the original game will usually get results pretty much on the android market app while on a fake game rank a little.

View Ratings and review results Tips to Ward off Malware in the Android Market


Hopefully these quick tips can be useful…

Note : These tips apply not only to prevent malware in the Android Market, but can also be used for other platforms such as Blackberry, IOS, Windows and so on.



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