Tips to save battery ipad

Tips to save battery ipad Tips to save battery ipadApple products are great. One of which is ipad 2. As with other computer devices, use the iPad we can also play games and much more. Apple claims a battery life iPad 2 up to 10 hours for normal use, but if you use the iPad for playing games or running applications that require high processor resources in a long time the battery will not be up to 10 hours.

Here are tips for saving battery ipad you to be more efficient or durable, follow these steps:

  • Adjust the screen brightness in low position. Go to Settings> Brightness & Wallpaper. On-line slider, sliding to the left to reduce the brightness until the eye can still see the screen properly.

Adjust the screen brightness in low position Tips to save battery ipad

  • Turn off Wi-Fi when not needed. How to get to the menu Settings> Wi-Fi. Press the On to Off. Meanwhile, for the iPad 3G, you can turn off 3G or airplane mode if the signal is not good.

Turn off Wi Fi when not needed Tips to save battery ipad

  • Some applications such as Maps, Foursquare and forth using location-based services can reduce battery life. To turn off location services, go to Settings> General> Locations Services. Change the On to Off or can also choose the specific applications that can run the site.

To turn off location services Tips to save battery ipad

  • Turn off the notification feature. This feature is in fact necessary to tell if there is new data in the application, but can reduce battery performance. You can turn it off by going to the menu Settings> Notifications, set to Off. To turn off notifications on a particular application, please return the notification to the On position and will display the applications that make use of the notification. Turn off the specified application.

In addition to notification Tips to save battery ipad

  • In addition to notification, a feature that also takes up pretty much the battery is push mail. Turn off the feature if it is not necessary to go to menu Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendar> Fetch New Data and set Push to Off position. Alternatively, you can arrange to pick up data at a certain time frame or manually.


Video guide tips for saving battery ipad:


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