Tips to avoid Buying Fake Batteries

tips buy smartphone battery Tips to avoid Buying Fake BatteriesThere are several things that make us end up having to buy new batteries for mobile phones, it could be because the battery life is long, it may be caused by use, while charging may be wrong. Well, when the batteries drop, or even because the battery can not be used anymore, then you definitely must buy a new battery for your mobile phone to connect to live.

If you have enough money, ideally directly select the original battery. But what if the money just barely, because prices tend to be more expensive batteries. While in every outlet there is a wide selection of types and brands of batteries. Nothing wrong battery also purchased non-ori, the origin of the battery as long as it clearly and in accordance with the specifications that cater for mobile phone battery that you are using.

Instead you should be aware of counterfeit batteries, the batteries are deliberately non ori battery labeled as ori. This type of fake batteries that often makes the performance even add your phone effortlessly.

Generally, circulating counterfeit batteries for many popular brands of mobile phones, such as counterfeit batteries BlackBerry, Samsung, LG, Nokia. dll.

tips buy smartphone battery 2 Tips to avoid Buying Fake Batteries


Therefore, Tips to avoid Buying Fake Batteries:

  • Knowing the price of the product

Usually the price of the fake batteries are much cheaper than the price of the original battery, but do not be fooled by the price of batteries sold too expensive, because for the sake of convincing buyers, dealers sometimes sell counterfeit batteries at a price not much different from the original price of the battery. These cases are often found on the BlackBerry battery. Trade generally has been called the charging OC (original Chinese).

  • Note the text on the label

Identifying counterfeit battery from its package label that is behind the battery. At the fake batteries are not properly printed label and slightly opaque. Try to remove surface label with your finger, if the text is of course the battery is easy to lose, rather than a false official plant.

  • Carefully seal the original battery

Most batteries are made ??in China, including the original. So it is not excessive if many traders to add rubber stamp made ??in China class 2 in the battery pack. This should be asked of traders, whether included with the product or printed later. Some products actually grade 2 good, too, but many merchants have been mixing it with a product class 3, 4 and so on.

Traders often separates the original battery in the sales package, with the OC in exchange for the battery, otherwise only the original battery that will be sold separately at a higher price.

  • Look at the hologram on the battery

To put holograms on fake battery is not difficult. Mobile merchants can get a special hologram from the seller. The shape and size is almost identical to the original.

tips buy smartphone battery 1 Tips to avoid Buying Fake Batteries


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