Tips for choosing a smartphone

Tips for choosing a smartphone Tips for choosing a smartphoneAs we know, the smartphone is not the cheap stuff. Thus, we must be careful in choosing a smartphone to suit our needs before buying. If you frequently use the Internet, working with various documents, schedules and the organizer takes control, it is appropriate to use a smartphone for smartphone will give us a lot of ease in doing our job.

How to choose a smartphone before we buy it? Here are some tips that we can consider before you decide to buy a smartphone:

  • Every smartphone has an operating system (operating system) is different from the benefits and functions of each. Some operating systems that exist between are: Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, Linux, Palm OS, and Blackberry. Given the number of existing operating systems, we must first examine the function to be the most suitable and most often we use.
  • To meet the needs of data transfer or data downloaded via the internet, we must consider is the speed of data held smartphones. Some smartphone offers data speeds that vary from 3G to HSDPA (High Speed ??Downlink Package Access) or 3.5G speeds of up to 7 times the speed of 3G. In the CDMA network known as EV-DO. Existing data speeds ranging from the lowest to the highest for GSM GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 3.5G (HSDPA).
  • Views on the smartphone keypad is also very greatly affect the activities of our typing. Some smartphones are equipped with QWERTY keypad, this facility is perfect and will make it easier for us who are being typed.
  • Make sure there are facilities such as data cable connection, USB or Bluetooth already exists in that we are going to buy a smartphone, this tool will allow us to transfer data from the smartphone to another device.
  • Capacity data storage / memory should also be considered, please select the smartphone that has a storage capacity that can meet our needs. For that, please check the internal and external memory available on a smart phone that we will buy.
  • The screen on the smartphone will affect our work. If we frequently work on documents on the smartphone, we should choose a larger screen, as this would facilitate and provide comfort when we are working on our documents. In addition, the depth of color should also be considered, the greater the depth of color on the smartphone, then we will be more comfortable using it.
  • For those who use a smartphone for office activities, we must consider whether it is available smartphone office applications (office suite), such as word processing spreadsheets, and others who support our work later.
  • No less important is to ensure that we purchased through authorized distributors smartphones, so we get proper service there, such as: warranty services, product training, software updates and repairs.

Tips for choosing a smartphone 2 Tips for choosing a smartphone


Hopefully these tips for choosing a smartphone can provide a little extra for you, so we will not confuse the right choice to buy a smartphone.


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