Tips Easily Transfer Data with AirDroid

transfer data with AirDroid 150x150 Tips Easily Transfer Data with AirDroidSome of us may have experienced this when you want to transfer important files from your Android device to a notebook or other device, but you forgot to bring a data cable.

Now there’s an app called Airdroid, which allows you to move data from your Android device into a notebook, or vice versa through a network of Wi-Fi. You can use Wi-Fi networks and the Airdroid.

Here’s how to use AirDroid:

  • Make sure your Android device and your notebook is in a Wi-Fi area.
  • Installing app AirDroid from PlayStore 
  • Once installed, open the application PlayStore, and select Start.
  • Then will come the guide of your AirDroid.
  • Follow step 1 as shown, open a browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) on your notebook, and then enter the address
  • Enter the access code as shown in step 2 are on display in AirDroid, then click Login.
  • If successful, the browser on your laptop will have a display like this:

107201270850 Tips Easily Transfer Data with AirDroid

  • To start the data transfer select Files (blue icon).
  • Then a window will appear like Windows Explorer, you can delete, rename, and move its files including folders.
  • To move the data you can select “Download“, to move data from your Android smartphone to your notebook. And select “Upload” to transfer the data from the notebook to your Android device.

107201270930 Tips Easily Transfer Data with AirDroid

  • To move data from notebook to your Android device, the first is to find the folder where you will place the file, then click the “Upload” button on the screen in the explorer. You can also drag and drop files via Explorer. After selecting the file, then click again “Upload.”

107201271007 Tips Easily Transfer Data with AirDroid

With AirDroid You can also send sms and delete sms from the Messages, view a list of calls from Call Log, delete, install, and to download an application, see the phone book, look at pictures, and even take screenshots of your Android appearance.


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