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selular20110824105015 150x147 Tip Secure Android SmartphonePerhaps during the trip back and forth, the owner spent Android smartphone by downloading the application and run it from various places impassable. But we know that when it was actually threatened your Android smartphone virus infiltrated. You could have fun playing games that are downloaded from sharing services on the internet, then suddenly you’ll find links to sites that are ready ‘to hang’ your phone.

This is not to frighten, at least Trend Micro, noted in the middle of this year alone Anroid form of malware detected three false for the update installer application, namely Androidos_ADSMS.A, Androidos_Dordrael.l, and Androidos_crusewin.A. The newest course, the discovery of malware android, named Droid Dream Light (DDLight), which has killed 25 and infected applications between 30,000 up to 120,000 users believe they have been affected.

Well, for minimizing it, by securing your smartphone from the things of the most simple. Team from Trend Micro, has been formulated for the user, especially so you can comfortably and safely run applications while traveling back and forth later:

  • Use standard security feature that is in your Android smartphone.

Go into the menu> Settings, then Select> Location & Security> enter data such as PIN number and password to lock your smartphone. This is very useful for securing personal data when you lose your phone is physically

android lock1 Tip Secure Android Smartphone

  • Do not Choose settings for the WiFi auto connet.

Go into the menu> Wireless & Network, and select> WiFi Settings, turn off the auto connect to WiFi. Many WiFi that you realize when utilizing this facility allows the data you copied, so you should be careful opening such as Internet banking page when using WiFi

  • Make sure you do not install the application apart from the Android Market.

The best advice is to install applications that exist in the android market, thereby avoid the Trojan android. Recently discovered Trojan android from a third party application service provider in China.

  • Beware When An application for permission to open access your personal data.

In some applications that are installed normally ask your permission to open up some data, but make sure you do not give access permission to enter personal data such as phone contact list

  • Use the special security applications Android smartphone.

Be careful to install and open a particular link is a simple way, but more than that suggested you also install security applications for smartphones. At Trend Micro Mobile Security for Android, not only securing your password, but also secures all your data mobile banking transactions. So the journey was comfortable and quiet going home without the worry again whether your data is secure or not.

android lock Tip Secure Android Smartphone


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