Tip: Hiding Files Pictures and Video On Android Devices

fractured android 150 c91efeb8fd83efc3 Tip: Hiding Files Pictures and Video On Android DevicesPerhaps some of our Android device users have a collection of images that do not want to be known by others. Usually the image that we input into the Android device will instantly appear on the Gallery.

But we can create a folder containing the images you do not want to be known by others not seen in the Gallery, the way is as follows:

  1. First open the file manager
  2. Then find the folder that contains the image you want to hide
  3. Then go into the folder, and press the menu button is below
  4. After appearing several options, select “Exclude from the media scan”
  5. And now there are pictures in the folder will not appear in Gallery
  6. In addition to the image folder you can also hide the video folder by doing the same manner
  7. Or you can also download an application that can hide an image or video files, and even some applications offer encryption in Android Market.

Good luck..


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