Three Important Download After Buying Android Smartphone

Untitled 1 copy 150x150 Three Important Download After Buying Android SmartphoneNot infrequently, if after buying the Android phone, someone so avid to download many applications. The first favorite applications that you download are generally are Facebook, Twitter, Angry Birds games, and a variety of interesting games that are available for free on thousands and Android Market. Of the work of writers, many Android users are even forgetting the practical steps to make Android mobile phones become more powerful and certainly safer.

Android is seductive charm, let alone Android phone now widely sold cheap, and some even worth $ 10 more. With the Android Market that contains 400 thousand applications, plus the availability of a WiFi connection which must exist in Android, the classic reasons less alert the user to download the basic applications are more important. For just a reminder, here are three quick steps to strengthen the reliability of your Android.

  • Download a New Browser

Android phone users are generally rare downloading another browser application. Do not feel satisfied with the default browser, you should try other browsers that also support Android, such as Dolphin HD, Firefox, and Skyfire. Each browser has its own character, such as Skyfire can directly open the flash, Android quite useful if you can not play the file with a flash.

browser android Three Important Download After Buying Android Smartphone

  • Download 3G Counter

With all the pleasures of the features offered, must be recognized that greed Android is the mobile phone data traffic. It’s okay now available cheap internet packages, or even unlimited internet package. But try retrospect, cheap internet rates can be inflated if the user does not control, or very dangerous for you who often forget. Even the unlimited internet package even if the note did not “really” umlimited, there is usually a quota, and lowering access and others.

To that end, like a willing umbrella before the rain, install the application data counter, there are many applications of this genre are available free on Android Market. One of the best is the 3G Watchdog, the application has the status icon is green / yellow and red in the notification bar 3G/GPRS access when you are nearing or even past the limit specified capacity

data counter Three Important Download After Buying Android Smartphone

  • Download Anti Virus

Do not think that anti-virus application is only for computers, or just for smartphones from other OSs. With the popularity of Android, Google’s OS is very susceptible to virus attacks. To anticipate, do not hesitate to download anti-virus applications on Android Market, such as AVG, Trend Micro, and Symantec.

Although you only to download applications from the Android Market, does not mean to be free from the threat of viruses / malware. For example at the beginning of last month, a malware that spread in the Android Market managed to infect about 50 million Android gadgets worldwide. To respond to malware attacks that Google released an update for Android gadgets to clean the infected, called Android Market Security.

Android smartphone users had to be extra vigilant against malware attacks. NetQin Mobile, mobile antivirus companies from China, reported 58 percent of attacks occur due to the smartphone Android users to download an application containing the virus via the Android Market. Most of the infected mobile phones using the Android Operating System v2.2 (Froyo). Malware is a term commonly used for software or programs designed to damage a computer system secretly.

antivirus android1 Three Important Download After Buying Android Smartphoneantivirus android Three Important Download After Buying Android Smartphone


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