Some problems in the iPhone 4S

iphone 4s Some problems in the iPhone 4S

After it was first launched last October, some problems began to be found in the iPhone 4S and complaints by users. iPhone 4S is touted as an all-time best-selling iPhone does not offer much improvement over its predecessor the iPhone 4. iPhone 4 itself is inseparable from the problem, one of the most busy talking is “antennagate”. IPhone 4 users often complain that their phone conversation was suddenly cut off without a definite cause. After investigation by Apple discovered that hand positioning signal receiving antenna cover is the cause of this problem. Apple had tried to overcome these problems, both software and hardware. Unlike the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S problem no longer revolves around the antenna but moving toward the screen, wasteful of his last battery and audio systems.

Some problems in the iPhone 4S that has been detected to date include:

  • The emergence of yellow color on the screen so often referred to as “yellowgate”. This problem was reported by some users the possibility of the iPhone 4S newly activated and will disappear by itself after a few days. The issue of “yellowgate” It does not get an official response from the Apple.
yellowgate Some problems in the iPhone 4S
  • Wasteful consumption of battery, known as “batterygate”. IOS 5 on the iPhone 4S turns his cause wasteful consumption of battery. IPhone users reporting that the iPhone battery 4S her drop 10% in an hour when the iPhone in standby. Apple is reportedly calling party until all the users who reported the incident and said that this wasteful battery problem occurs because of a bug in IOS 5. Apple promised to fix it in the next IOS release. Until the time of this writing Apple has released IOS 5.0.1 beta for developers. Will this new IOS will be able to overcome borosnya 4S battery consumption on iPhone? Interesting for us wait together.

battrey Some problems in the iPhone 4S

  • Any problems on the iPhone audio system 4S. Still according to the users of the iPhone 4S they often can not listen to voices on the other side when making a phone call. However, this problem is more likely caused by defective production of the factory. Why is that? Gathered from the fact that not all iPhone users 4S experiencing this problem. iPhone 4S reported experiencing problems come from the United States, Britain and Australia. 4S iPhone users who feel irritated opened a special thread on the Apple site where the discussion has reached 30 pages. Besides, they also created a group on Facebook with the name “iPhone 4S Outgoing Call No Audio”.

Solving Problems on the iPhone 4S:

Until now, Apple is still trying to find solutions to problems in two and three to satisfy customers. Apple certainly does not want those issues causing declining sales of the iPhone 4S is quite fantastic so far. Hopefully Apple iphone 4s promptly correct these problems


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