Simple tips and tricks for beginners iphone 4 and iphone 5


Here are some tips and tricks for beginners iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 users:

  1. Enabling Caps Lock On and Off Keyboard Auto Correction : To activate the Caps Lock key, choose Settings > General > Keyboard & Slide ” Enable Caps Lock ” to “ON”. To activate the Keyboard Auto Correction, choose Settings > General > Keyboard & slide ” Auto Correction ” ON “
  2. Scroll to the top of the page in Safari : To scroll to the top of the web page, press the “top bar” ( the battery icon, time and network ). He also works in all applications, not only in Safari.
  3. Domain suffix : To change the domain suffix in Safari, hold “.Com” to turn into a button “.Net, .Edu, .Org “.
  4. Soft Reset : Press and hold the home button and sleep to reset your iPhone.
  5. Taking Screenshot : To take a screenshot, hold the home button and the sleep button. Conditions screen will be saved in the camera roll.
  6. Full stop : When typing on the iPhone, just press the space bar twice and it will insert a period after the word and add a space so that you can continue typing.
  7. Make a call from Safari : If you are looking for a phone number you want to call, when you are in Safari, you do not need to switch to the phone app, you can instantly reduce the number and the iPhone will dial the number immediately.
  8. Quick access to your iPhone when an application or the On Screen Lock : If you listen to music while opening the web or use other applications, you may need to access the iPhone without having to stop your application. You simply press the home button twice to unlock the iPhone main screen in the application you are using. You can also use it when the screen is locked so you can use your iPhone without having to unlock your iPhone.

iphone 4s Simple tips and tricks for beginners iphone 4 and iphone 5


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