Setting Power Button to Button End Calls

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In a situation in a hurry, sometimes touch-screen smartphone users often difficult to ‘find’ button to answer and end calls. With a body design that smartphones tend to be flat and minimal instruments, it’s not easy to operate touch screen smartphone. Result in a panic situation, it often happens either press the ‘virtual buttons’ on the screen. Mean heart pressing the A button, which occurs even another application is active. When you’re honest, our fingers in a situation like the above is more ‘stable’ operating the physical, the reason is clear, we can physically touch the button.

Well, for you Android users, especially those that often drive, there are solutions to enhance security while driving, ie, by regulating the power button on / off the end call button for the function (end call). It seems simple, but do not take for granted, without pressing the end call button can be your pulse will be depleted. Or communication that should have been terminated in fact still want to keep connected. This setting does not require special application support, but this setting can be adopted for the new Android 2.2 smartphone owners (Froyo) and above. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to the settings menu, from the home screen, tab settings (setting).

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  2. Select Settings> Accessibility. Located third from the bottom of the menu list.

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  3. Chances are you do not have any related Accessbility application on the device. If this happens, warnings will appear directing you to the Market to download. Tab Cancel to ignore the warnings.

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  4. Accessibility settings> check the power button ends the call option.

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