RIM Denies BlackBerry Messenger 7 Can Run OS 5

Blackberry-Curve-9310 3G

Research In Motion (RIM) has denied reports that BlackBerry Messenger instant messaging application 7 (BBM 7) can run on version BlackBerry OS 4.5 and BlackBerry OS 5.

RIM confirms, BlackBerry Messenger 7 at this time can only be run on BlackBerry OS 6 and  BlackBerry OS 7“BlackBerry Messenger 7 is available for all BlackBerry smartphones with OS 6 or higher. In the near future we also plan to support BlackBerry smartphone with OS 5,” an official statement to the KompasTekno on Monday (07/01/2012).

BlackBerry Messenger 7 now not only used to send text, audio, video, and photos only. He experienced major changes due to BlackBerry Messenger Voice feature, which allows users to make phone calls to fellow users BlackBerry Messenger Voice 7 via Wi-Fi networks.

BlackBerry Messenger Voice RIM Denies BlackBerry Messenger 7 Can Run OS 5

With these features BlackBerry Messenger Voice in BlackBerry Messenger 7, users can even make phone calls abroad. However, the sound of the BlackBerry Messenger Voice could not connect when using 3G internet connection, have to use WiFi.

Other new features are also pinned on BlackBerry Messenger 7 also emoticons including 16 new species, synchronization profile BlackBerry Messenger via BlackBerry ID, as well as update notifications from within the application.

On January 30, 2013, RIM will release the BlackBerry 10 operating system. Shortly after that, the BlackBerry device 10 will be in the market, with models of physical keypad and full touchscreen QWERTY format.

I write this article as a revision of my writing about BlackBerry Messenger 7 Ready for BlackBerry OS 4.5 and OS 5 which I wrote some time ago.


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