Predictions About The Trend of Smartphones in 2013 (2)


Continuing article Predictions About The Trend Smartphone in 2013 (1) This is a post Predictions About The Trend Smartphone in 2013 (2). Here are 3 points more than the trend of smartphones in 2013.

  • Welcome to BlackBerry 10

Be as smart as what operating system BlackBerry 10? We’ll get an answer after Research In Motion (RIM) released on January 30, 2013. Shortly after that, the BlackBerry smartphone will hit the market 10.

Canadian companies are busy building the application ecosystem for the BlackBerry 10. RIM CEO, Thorsten Heins has promised to provide a popular application for BlackBerry 10.

Some analysts predict, the charm of the BlackBerry 10 could not hold superiority iPhone and Android in the smart phone industry. But wait, RIM has made major changes to the BlackBerry 10. The operating system is designed with more performance, beautiful, refined, and feature-rich.

In addition to the BlackBerry 10, the smart phone industry is also enlivened by an operating system made by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8. Besides Nokia and HTC, some smart phone manufacturers have set up products using Windows Phone 8. He seemed to flirt with choice smartphone casing with bright colors. Microsoft has made the purchase of paid apps in the Windows Phone Toll-cut method (billing provider).

  • Person-to-machine

More and more electronic products that utilize GSM SIM card and 3G networks. Smart phone you will be dealing with a machine. Call it the CCTV cameras, alarm, door sensor, gas sensor, and so on, all of it can now be monitored via smart phone.

This kind of service is mostly targeting the corporate segment. However, it is possible consumer segment is also interested and willing to pay a premium for these services because they are looking for added value for all household and business activities can be monitored.

  • Digital wallet

Near Field Communication (NFC) alter the function of the phone as a digital wallet. In the future, you can pay for groceries at the supermarket just over the phone.

Some countries are ready to advance this technology. This needs to be supported by the banking industry, restaurants, supermarkets, and the telecom industry itself.

The smart phone is definitely not just a tool for making phone calls and SMS. Mobile technology advances quickly followed and quickly adopted by the public. The era of mobile devices makes even the computer industry declined. Global technology trends will shift to mobile devices. For example, mobile devices have provided nearly one million applications.

Are you ready for the after-PC era?


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