Predictions About The Trend of Smartphones in 2013 (1)


Smart phone industry will undergo major changes in 2013. The design is made more attractive. Its function is more intelligent because it is supported by a variety of industry sectors.

In the future, smart phones can be a digital wallet, monitor activities at home because it is integrated with CCTV, to order a taxi with just a few clicks.

Several companies are competing to design the hardware components and brain smart phones. Internet companies focused on the development of services for mobile devices. The banking industry is used as a means of payment. No less intense mobile operators to maximize the functionality of mobile phones as a tool that can “talk” with the machine.

  • High-resolution screen and flexible

The mobile manufacturers will design a more streamlined display. They also enlarge the area of the screen and increase the resolution until it reaches the level of high-definition (HD).

For example, the latest mobile phone from HTC called DNA Droid comes with a 5-inch screen with full-HD resolution. Apple still will carry the Retina Display technology makes sharper color saturation.

Some manufacturers also have designed a flexible display. Screen that can be folded and rolled. He no longer use glass, but plastic. However, users still have the touch navigation like on the screen. This technology will end the nightmare of broken cell phone screen.

  • Faster processor

The year 2012 can be described as an early stage mobile presence with a four-core processor (quad-core). By 2013 there could be no manufacturers that make phones with eight processor cores (octo-core).

Increased processor performance is also accompanied by a system of power-saving design and a larger battery capacity. This is all done so that the phone has the power to live long.

Mobile phone with high performance will come as a “portable game console“. The game is played not only the level of Angry Birds, but more than that level. Users will be able to run heavy games that require a lot of memory and require the support of a high-resolution screen.

  • Photography phones and Social media

Corporate social networking giants such as Facebook and Twitter are increasingly focusing on the development of services for mobile devices. Why? Of course, as more and more users accessing social networks from mobile phones and tablets.

This trend will strengthen the trend of mobile photography mobile devices. Action to show off photos will satisfy your social networking timeline. Less complete it if your photos were not exposed to touch edit of various services like Instagram, Snapseed, and more.

Some companies even provide photo filter feature for mobile device applications. Such as Twitter and Flickr, that just creates realistic photo filter feature for mobile applications on Android and iPhone.

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