Looking for Antivirus for your Android Smartphone


Best Antivirus for Android Looking for Antivirus for your Android SmartphoneWhat is the Best Antivirus for Android? As we know, as a computing device, Android smartphones were not spared from virus attacks. And as a result of this viral infection on the performance of Android smartphones is usually made ??our smartphone performance to be slow, etc..

Here are a few options Best Free Antivirus for Android now. Do not worry, as long as your Android-based smartphone, you can install this Antivirus. Best Free Antivirus for Android smartphones today are:

  1. AVG AntiVirus Free from Mobilation – Antivirus on this one quite a lot of users, nearly 10 million people have downloaded it for free on Android Market AntiVirus. With this Free AntiVirus can also scan your applications, files, to lock the phone, it can even be used to check the location samrtphone when used through Google Maps.
  2. Lockout Security and Antivirus – Same as Free Antivirus, Security and Antivirus lockout can also scan a variety of Android applications that you download, to search for location information samrtphone, and there are other additional features of this antivirus can also be used to activate the alarm with a loud voice, even if your cell phone is silent.
  3. Norton Security and Antivirus – If you frequently use Norton on Windows-based computer, then definitely you will be familiar with the name of Norton. Well, on your Android smartphone can also enjoy the convenience of the Security and Norton Antivirus to protect Android phones from virus attacks.

Best Antivirus for Android 4 Looking for Antivirus for your Android Smartphone

Besides Antivirus 3 above, there are other alternatives Antivirus for Android, for example, Dr. Light Web Anti-Virus for Android, NetQin Antivirus & Security, MyAntiVirus Pro, Kaspersky Mobile Securit.

Best Antivirus for Android 5 Looking for Antivirus for your Android Smartphone

Note: All of the above antivirus can be downloaded from Android Market.


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  1. Antivirus says:

    I have two vulnerabilities on active threats on Kaspersky I right click and delete from list but it finds them again when i scan my computer. How do I get rid of them?

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