Koss STRIVA, The World’s First Earphone with Wifi Connection

KOSS Striva earphones Koss STRIVA, The Worlds First Earphone with Wifi ConnectionIf you have headphones or earphones that use a cable connection and Bluetooth, headphones or earphones are now available with Wi-Fi connection. KOSS Striva has introduced some time ago that using headphones or earphones in the world’s first Wi-Fi, not cable or Bluetooth.

KOSS Striva has two functions, the first could be to listen to music from your computer or mobile phone or tablet with the help of Cap Striva as a transmitter into the headphone. Second, we can also arrange Striva to directly connect to online radio or the like through which we can MyKOSS server can choose which channels we want to hear. Inside there are button features for headphones (headphones) and also features a button to touch (earphones) to be able to control or change the channel.

STRIVA Pro Koss STRIVA, The Worlds First Earphone with Wifi Connection

STRIVA Tap Koss STRIVA, The Worlds First Earphone with Wifi ConnectionCurrently available are two types of KOSS Strive, that is STRIVA Pro that has a headphone shape and worth U.S. $ 450, while STRIVA Tap, the kind of earphones sold for U.S. $ 500. Interested in advancing these earphones? for more details, please visit http://www.koss.com


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