iPhone 5 was Launched Today in US

iPhone 5 Launched1 iPhone 5 was Launched Today in USToday, 12 September 2012, in accordance with Apple’s plans to launch its newest product, the iPhone 5. It is set up where the launch is at Yerba Buena Center Building, San Francisco, USA.

Of course many are waiting for the presence of these gadgets. iPhone 5 is touted as the latest Apple products last work of Steve Jobs before he died.

As written by the Clarion Ledger on his website that the iPhone 5 is the last big project of Steve Jobs. Jobs involved in this project from the beginning to the end of the iPhone 5’s design. So the iPhone 5 will be a tribute to Steve Jobs.

Actually, the official name for Apple’s new product is not yet available, the name of the iPhone 5 itself is the name of the analyst and the bustling. Reportedly the official name for this smartphone will be given in conjunction with the launch.

In addition to its name, the shape of the iPhone 5 can not be known for certain, but analysts say that the shape of the iPhone 5 will be slimmer than previous products (iPhone 4) and would also use metal colors.

There are many predictions more about the features of the iPhone 5, but you can bet the shape and features of the iPhone 5 will be much more interesting and simpler than the iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 Launched Today iPhone 5 was Launched Today in US

However, as is the custom of Apple, despite the iPhone 5 released today, many are predicting that the iPhone 5 will be on the market on 21 September.


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  1. John Kurt says:

    Iphone 5 is much sleeker than Iphone 4s. However, I feel Apple has not lived upto the customer excpectations. The launch of this latest phone was hyped a lot and it did not match up to those loud promotions of the phone. I would not prefer an Apple phone irrespective of Iphone 4 or 5 because I cannot handle the elongated proceedure to transfer songs to the phone through itunes.

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