iPhone 5 Gold-Plated and Diamond-Studded

gold iphone 5 iPhone 5 Gold Plated and Diamond StuddedGot some extra cash in your pocket? iPhone 5 this one might be a target. Body design gold plated and diamond, I would bet all eyes will surely admire your iPhone.

Designer Stuart Hughes is based in the UK released a limited edition of iPhone 5, only 100 units of the entire body of the iPhone gold plated and diamond. Price? only £ 21,995.

As quoted from Dailymail, Monday (01/10/2012), the appearance of the iPhone 5 looks very luxurious. Casing adorned with layers of glittering gold. Plus the the Apple logo composed of 53 grains of diamond.

gold iphone5 bling2 iPhone 5 Gold Plated and Diamond Studded

“This beautiful handset takes a few weeks to re-create the casing with pure gold, it all begins and ends by hand,” said Stuart Hughes. Stuart is a specialized designer gadget with a touch of luxury. Previously, he had made the iPhone 4S Elite Gold for 6 million pounds.


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