IPhone 5 Casing That Can Be Eaten

Survival Senbei iPhone 5 Case  IPhone 5 Casing That Can Be EatenVarious mobile phone casing that there may be less unique with this one casing. An inventor in Japan, making the iPhone 5 casing that can be eaten. Hungry? eat this casing, yum!

The casing is made entirely of Crackers Senbei. It is a term of Japanese for salty snack of roasted brown rice. The shape is such that when it is completed, it could fit in the iPhone 5.

Smart Startup reported on Friday (07/12/2012), the product is called Survival Senbei iPhone 5 Case. Unfortunately for consumers outside of Japan can not enjoy it. Because the casing delicious rice cracker sold only in Japan.

IPhone 5 Casing That Can Be Eaten  IPhone 5 Casing That Can Be Eaten

Creators, Mariko, can only make three cracker casing in one day. Naturally, because the stock is limited and expensive, a casing for ¥ 3,818 ($ 46.30 U.S.). The price of a packet of Crackers Senbei in Japan are generally sold for less than 100 ye or $ 1.21 U.S.


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