Improve Intelligence and avoid slow effects in Mobile phone

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 150x150 Improve Intelligence and avoid slow effects in Mobile phoneAs an advanced device, mobile phone built with an integrated system is like a mini computer. Of course for your mobile phone owners, especially the type of smartphone, wants the phone has a performance that can ‘think’ quick, and cultivate a variety of applications without any constraints. But not a few, we find a cell phone ‘loading’ a very low application. Well, the cause of slow loading on the phone almost the same with computers.

Indications of problems such as loading the old cell phones that have a RAM (Random Access Memory) is a small, disheveled file settings, too many stores the data, too many installed applications, frequently install and uninstall applications, can deteriorate the performance of mobile phones is massive. Mobile phones that are typically experienced by slow phone that uses open systems, such as Symbian. But there are also mobile phones that use a closed system, such as Java have problems like this.

phone Improve Intelligence and avoid slow effects in Mobile phone
Here are some tips that can be done to prevent long loading on the application, and certainly can improve intelligence on your mobile phone:

  1. If your phone supports external memory (additional memory), should not be too much memory is used.
  2. Arrange the data or files. Suppose you have files store documents in the Documents folder, files, images stored in the Pictures folder, and others.
  3. If you often use mobile phones to the Internet, you should delete the cache and cookies. Cache is a temporary data that is stored in the phone memory so that when opening the same page no need to download again from the internet, while the cookies as a store of data such as passwords, so if you enter a site that requires logging in (like Facebook) do not need to log in more.
  4. Delete files or change the log file storage time as short as possible, for example one day. The log file is the data that keeps a record of telephone entry and exit.
  5. For those of you who use Symbian phones do not press the red button (a button to reject the call) if you want to get out of the features, because just by pressing the end call button, the actual features / applications are still active.
  6. Reserving a minimum of 20 percent of the total capacity of the memory card.
  7. If deemed not very important to use a security code, you should disable the feature, because this feature is also consuming memory on the phone.
  8. If your phone has been felt slow, try using the phone without using a memory card. If your mobile phone without the memory card should be fluent in the format the memory card. Before the format backups of your important data.
  9. Every 2 or 3 days restart your phone to make it more fresh.

phone1 Improve Intelligence and avoid slow effects in Mobile phone


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