How to Replace Blackberry Handheld

Replace Blackberry Handheld How to Replace Blackberry HandheldHow can replace the new BlackBerry handheld? With the new substitute for the Blackberry PIN must also change, what about my Blackberry Messenger? Do I have to reinvite again all Blackberry Messenger contacts me? How is my data with data on my old Blackberry?

Blackberry is not a normal mobile phone because it has a unique PIN for each BlackBerry that we use for Blackberry Messenger.

With the launch of several new species such as the BlackBerry Gemini and Onyx course you want to upgrade the new blackberry. But before buying a new blackberry you certainly concerned with how to transfer contacts or your PIN.

So with this post we provide information to you with our experience when upgrading from Blackberry Bold 9000 to Onyx 9700. The trick is very easy and simple, if you buy from a store that provides dealers Blackberry data transfer facility, you do not need to be confused.

If you want to do the transfer yourself, here’s how:

  • Backup via Desktop Manager.
  1. Backup your data before the data on your old Blackberry using the desktop manager. If you have never installed. Look for software cd in the box and install your Blackberry to the desktop. Or donwload it from website.
  2. Open the desktop manager, plug your bb with a usb cable to your desktop. Click backup and follow the instructions to backup.

Backup via Desktop Manager 1 How to Replace Blackberry HandheldBackup via Desktop Manager 2 How to Replace Blackberry HandheldBackup via Desktop Manager 3 How to Replace Blackberry HandheldBackup via Desktop Manager 4 How to Replace Blackberry HandheldBackup via Desktop Manager 5 How to Replace Blackberry Handheld


  • Restore via Desktop Manager.
  1. Connect your new BlackBerry menu and select a restore and all the data can be transferred to your new Blackberry including contacts, phone book, calendar and contacts Blackberry Messenger PIN of your friends.
  2. After the restore, open Blackberry Messenger contacts to your new lists and Blackberry Messenger contacts list will appear in your old to your new Messenger.
  3. Even with a new PIN. RIM will automatically connect the link back to all your contacts list within a few minutes including the Blackberry recover your Groups. Process automatically, you never need to contact your friends to add / reinvite.
  4. To ensure this process smoothly without error, Connect your email open again before the Blackberry Messenger application. Because if your contacts list does not backup properly, you can restore the BlackBerry Messenger contact list via email restore remotely.

Two problems that we experienced at the time of upgrade Bold 9000 into Onyx 9700:

  • Handheld Not Ready.

At first, when we first open the onyx, we did not find the browser “Internet Explorer” in the browser configuration settings and email settings icon though already insert the SIM card. After nearly 30 minutes, we insert the SIM card into the emerging Onyx Internet Explorer browser, email settings and other icons.

  • Desktop Manager Error.

By the time we try to restore data via desktop manager by connecting the Onyx to the Desktop Manager (DM), DM error continues at the connection. How many times we try to turn off the DM then turn back and connect, the same result, DM error and need to close, report to Microsoft …

We had time to restart the computer and the results were the same. Had time to think whether our 5.0.1 desktop manager is not suitable for Onyx for the Bold and Java with no problem.

Finally after the restart, the icon appears the Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0.1 update 29mb available in the system tray. Are Onyx is a little different? After upgrading the DM, then reconnected with Onyx turns smoothly and restore data Onyx also smooth.

Hopefully you do not find this problem, although there is, now you already know how to handle it, so do not worry…


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