How To Extend Battery Life on Android


If the problem with the battery wasteful in Android devices, the application “2X Battery” can help overcome them. This claim applications that can extend the battery life for a few hours. It is done.

With a smart way to manage the data connection and transparent. Do not be late to download this app from Google Play Store. Since this application has been downloaded by more than one million times. You no longer need to set the activation data connection manually. The application can store data and reduce the cost of a data plan with a mobile data connection switch in standard mode.

So you can extend the battery easily and keep the background data synchronization on mobile phones. Whitelist feature allows applications to not arbitrarily decide the data when the application is running in the white list. But “2X Battery” will not toggle the data connection when WiFi connection is active.

Extend Battery Life wth 2X Battery How To Extend Battery Life on Android

The advantages of 2X Battery:

  1. Automatically manage data connection to save power
  2. Seeing how many percent of the power used by the active application
  3. Free

Shortcomings of 2X Battery:

  1. The application is loaded with ads from sponsors
  2. Menu is less user friendly, so it was a bit confusing at first
  3. In the 2X Battery free version, you can not use Nigh mode. You should upgrade to the 2X Battery Pro version to get that mode.


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