Gresso Black Pure, Presents a luxury mobile phone

Gresso lady diamond 150x150 Gresso Black Pure, Presents a luxury mobile phoneThere is a new name for you to consider if you are a fan of fancy cell phones. That Gressno, because Gresso recently announced the newest generation of feature phone product which is a series in Grand Monaco. This phone is actually based on S40, but it looks very fancy.

Gresso Pure Black assembled as many as 100 units. And to assemble the mobilephone is done only by hand. For the exterior design uses pure alloy materials that are wrapped by several layers of ceramic. While the keypad is made ??of glass, with a touch of dark color.

To the screen is protected with 42-carat sapphire glass, and polished is also done by hand. Gresso Pure Black is quite light as it weighs only 120 grams.

Gresso Pure Black 1 Gresso Black Pure, Presents a luxury mobile phone
Gresso Pure Black is available in two versions, one Cayman: using a wrapper of the alligator and the other uses carbon from Italian leather. Both will be sold starting this February with price for U.S. $ 2,700, or about 25 million yen.

Are you interested in having this luxury mobilephone?


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