Google has officially launched google music

google music3 Google has officially launched google music
google music

After 6 months is a beta version that is accessible only to users who were invited, Google is now officially released the newest service Google Music. After so long awaited, Google finally officially introduce its music service and given the name of Google Music beta. The word behind the so-called ‘beta’ because the service is still a beta format.

Google is working with renowned music labels like Universal, EMI, Sony Music, and 23 other individual labels. Users can purchase music directly from the Android Market. Users can also upload a 20 000 for free and can menstreamingnya to your device along with the songs you buy.

Through Google Music, you can also share your favorite music with your friends through Google +. And most interesting is that you can sell your own musical works in the Google Music without needing sponsored by the music labels.

At Google’s annual developer conference I / O, the giant Internet search engine company is introducing Google Music beta. Currently accessing these services is still very limited. Parties to Google mentions that the product is free for a while. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable, Wednesday (05/11/2011).

google music2 Google has officially launched google music
google music

Google Music service will be started beta available for Android devices, also via the web.

Rumors about the music service from Google has begun to blow since June 2010. Since then, Google continues to struggle to licensing issues with the record label. Until finally in May 2011 the service was officially introduced.

google music1 Google has officially launched google music
google music

Some features of Google Music beta is announced are:

  1. Can operate on all Android devices, including tablets and mobile phones.
  2. Users can create their own playlist.
  3. Users can edit song information.
  4. Music services are still available although it is offline.
  5. Users can upload and store songs on a cloud-based directory.
  6. Users can Wirelessly sync and automatically download the playlist from web to mobile devices.
google music Google has officially launched google music
google music


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