Exactly How to Clean the Screen Smartphone and Tablet

selular20111021113437 Exactly How to Clean the Screen Smartphone and TabletFor you the owner of smartphones and tablets, know that the components of the screen on your console is a vital element. Unlike a standard phone, with a passive screen, the screen is a touchscreen smartphone wars as a tip control for menu navigation functions. For example on the type of capacitive screen, this display technology is fairly sensitive, and now continues to be developed even more responsive to the quality of translucent screen via special materials. For that we need a proper way to keep your phone clean well maintained, especially at the screen.

Exactly how to clean the screen Smartphone and Tablet:

  1. Do not clean the screen using wipes of paper, the article of this material it will leave particles of dirt, like dust, and even can cause scratches on the screen.
  2. Use of material micro-fiber cloth, micro fiber material is considered the most ideal, because it can raise the dust with a soft caress. Wipe the previous micro-fiber is also popular for cleaning car body. Wipe the fitting microfiber used in wet and dry conditions.
  3. Do not use glass cleaner for household tools. On the glass cleaner for the mirror / glass tools households have a vulnerable chemical elements on the screen smartphones and tablets, especially in the scenes of the capacitive material.
  4. Never use a hair dryer (hair dryer) for a touchscreen display. One moment could be your phone kecemplung in water, especially to clean the screen Do not use a hair dryer, heat is generated tool is potentially damaging material on the screen.


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