Easy tips to add a page on the iPhone

iphone 4 150x150 Easy tips to add a page on the iPhone For those of you who just bought the iphone may still feel weird with your smartphone. Do not worry, here a lot of manuals, guides, tips and tricks about iphone. One is the tips to add a page on the iphone.

iPhone must already have an application to meet the standard of maximum 11 pages pages iPhone. Here is a very simple way you can do, without having to install any application on your iPhone. And below are easy tips to add a page on your iphone:

  1. Move the Voice Memos application by pressing the voice memo application until shaking and then drag / scroll to the very back page (page 11) right at the bottom left.
  2. Scroll to page 10 and then moved it again one of the applications that are on page 10 (What’s up application) and put into place it anywhere, page 11.
  3. By shifting one of the earlier application from 10 pages of voice memo applications will disappear do not worry it’s not a problem.
  4. Then turn off and turn it back on the iPhone, after the iPhone live then you will see the iPhone has increased the page.
  5. Please repeat like this way again if you want to add another page on your iPhone.

page iphone Easy tips to add a page on the iPhone


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