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Android1 150x150 Direct Download Free Applications For AndroidAndroid is a warm-warm right now, Like a scourge, this OS is really killer gadget for other phones that have other operating systems. Evidently some windows mobile phone operating system immediately drop its price in line with the presence of mobile phone operating system on the market. Well for those of you who have cell phones with this OS, there is an easy way to download free applications, of course, only here.

  1. To download an application that will be me giving away for free, download this first application of barcode scanner Barcode Scanners
  2. Rename the application of BarcodeScanner3.51b1.jpg be BarcodeScanner3.51b1.apk
  3. Install on your phone
  4. Open the application Barcode scanners and point perpendicular to the image code (image code link at the bottom of this post)
  5. Follow the prompts, not how long the application will be downloaded automatically to your phone

Now for the first, I want to free up the task manager ES applications. From the name caught the functions of this application, yep very true. Like the existing task manager on the pc, this application is also useful to stop the process from an application that stubborn, saving battery and many other functions.

Immediately, ES Task Manager (using a barcode scanner so the download)..


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  1. Very informative post here. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. I will definitely be back again.

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