Cool IPhone case with equalizer effect

Almost did not stop the news about the iPhone. For example, the iPhone has recently showcased The iEqualizer iPhone 5 Case, which is a set of flashing lights in the rear beautiful case iPhone.

These lights are very similar to the iPhone case graphics equalizer. The light produced from the case to add cool effects to your iPhone, especially in the dark. But the presence of the case could not be separated from its advantages and disadvantages.

Quoted from Mashable (24/3), the excess casing cool is will not be a parasite on the iPhone’s battery, so you do not have to worry about battery usage is wasteful. The case has been designed for the procurement of the battery itself.

 400 799208 2 LRG Cool IPhone case with equalizer effect

The lack of case is that you have to be willing to iPhone is getting “fat” until doubled. So you will feel your hand grip feels great.

The iEqualizer iPhone 5 Case has been tested and marketed since March 2013. You can try to add cool effects and more interesting on your iPhone.

Are you interested? prepare your money for $ 30.


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