Common FAQ Jailbreak

FAQ Jailbreak common Common FAQ Jailbreak

  • What is the jailbreak?
Definition 1:
A process of modifying the Apple software (IOS) that the user / users can access a Unix file system as a whole. This means users can access the root directory (“/”) And in Unix systems, root is the highest hierarchy in Unix file system.

Definition 2:

The process of applying for an unofficial (eg Cydia) to the IOS device that allows users to add third-party applications that do not exist in the Apple App Store.

  • What is jailbreaking illegal activity?

The answer is no. Jailbreak is a legal activity. Since July of 2010 the United
States(U.S.) has legalized jailbreaking.

  • For what we do jailbreak?

The main reason to jailbreak is that you can install third party applications not
supported by Apple. For example, to install applications and tweak Plugin is an additional
application to enhance the features of the IOS, and tweaks and plugins can only be
obtained from Cydia after you jailbreak.

Another example, with jailbreaking allows us to change the look of the iPhone, iPador
iPod. Such as changing the look lockscreen, Springboard / homescreen,application icon, or
a music player can be changed according to our wishes.

And more importantly with the jailbreak you can unlock iPhone SU.

FAQ Jailbreak IOS common Common FAQ Jailbreak

  • What are the disadvantages of jailbreak?

From experience I have gained, disadvantages of jailbreaking on the iPhone / iPad / iPod touch are:

  1. Warranty is lost
  2. Battery quickly reduced (this is relative)
  3. iDevice the jailbreak is sometimes less responsive due to a third-party applications are compatible with IOS.

Do not be afraid to do the jailbreaking, because the device failed in the jailbreak process can still be restored to normal again through restore from iTunes.

  • Is the iPhone / iPad / iPod that has undergone a jailbreak should not be shut down or restart?

The answer is yes and no. If the iPhone / iPad / iPod on the type of tethered jailbreak, you should never turn it off. Because, you must run the jailbreak again to boot tethered (ie re-jailbreak). Therefore if you are traveling or away from your computer then you must avoid shutting down or restarting the iPhone / iPad / iPod.

If the iPhone / iPad / iPod using untethered jailbreak, you do not worry to shut down or reboot, as you will not get problems like the device that uses a tethered jailbreak.

  • How to remove the jailbreak on a device that has been in previous jailbreak?

The trick is to restore your device via iTunes, the way is:

  1. Connect your device to a computer
  2. Run iTunes and let your device is recognized by iTunes.
  3. Synchronization and backup data from your device to your computer via iTunes
  4. Click the Restore button

  • Is it possible to remove the jailbreak by doing a hard reset? What happens if you do a hard reset on the iDevice is jailbreak ?

On devices already on the jailbreak should not be done the hard reset. Hard reset will erase all user data, but does not delete all the files jailbreak. If there are files that are still lagging behind the rest of the jailbreak will cause your device will not turn on with normal, only displays the Apple logo. If it’s been like this, the only way is to Restore.

  • How to differentiate the iPhone / iPad / iPod that has not been or already jailbreak?

To tell which device already  jailbreak or not been is to look at the installed applications. Typically, in the devices already in there will be a jailbreak app called Cydia, and usually brown.

  • What is the difference unlock and jailbreak?

Unlock and jailbreak are two different. Jailbreak allows us to install third party applications are not allowed by Apple, while the Unlock is the process to make unlock the iPhone so we can all use the sim card of any telecom operator.

  • What is the difference between Tethered and Untethered jailbreak?

Tethered Jailbreak is the jailbreak kind that requires the computer to be able to turn on a iDevice by normal . If a iDevice type tethered  jailbreak of turn off (due to low battery or restart), you must be connected to a computer to be able to turn it on again. Application used is the application used to process the previous tethered jailbreak. This means re jailbreak again.

Jailbreak untethered means no longer need a computer to turn it on. IDevice kind of untethered jailbreak is free to shut down or restarted without theneed to re jailbreak again.

If seen from the features, both are the same type of jailbreak. The difference lies in the boot process. Each iDevice type tethered jailbreak will always stop at the Apple logo when booting process. While the untethered jailbreak will not face this problem (not stuck in the boot process).

  • Is there an iPhone / iPad / iPod that has been in the jailbreak are still allowed toaccess the App Store?

Yes, it can be. iPhone / iPad / iPod that has been in the jailbreak is still allowed to visit the iTunes Store, download the application from the App Store, and access other services from Apple.

iPhone jailbreak activity on the iPad / iPod / is not prohibited. So iDevice that has been in the jailbreak does not mean the IOS on iPhone / iPad / iPod into IOS pirated.


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