Commercial video ad Samsung Tab Pro taunted iPad Air

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is promoted as the most powerful tablet computer that can meet all the needs of its users, he does not like the iPad Air. It has been described through video ads.

Yes, the short duration of 1 minute video that Samsung looks very mocking the iPad Air, which is not equivalent to the ability of the Galaxy Tab Pro.

When both advanced tablets from Apple and Samsung are displayed inline, seen as thin, and a pencil is considered to represent the thickness of both.

But the difference, Galaxy Tab Pro has a greater resolution than the iPad Air. It is also demonstrated through the actions of the robot Jaeger of the  Pacific Rim movie that does look sharper on a Samsung tablet.

Further ridicule associated with multitasking capabilities of each product. The result is different, with the iPad Air can not open two windows at the same time, the Galaxy Tab Pro can be used to watch videos while reading email.

Like what Samsung’s taunts? And you supports who? here is a commercial video Galaxy Tab Pro was uploaded on YouYube.


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