HTC ONE, Best Smartphone at MWC 2014

In addition to exhibiting products and for new product launches, Mobile World Congress 2014 is also used to present the Global Mobile Award, the award for best telecom industry. In the implementation More »

Smartphones can be a your personal doctor

Smartphone with a high specification that is common. How about a mobile phone that also functions as your personal doctor? At Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, vendor named LifeWatch launched mobile health More »

Prevent Data Theft with No Root Firewall App on Android

Not a few apps in Android that can secretly take the user data. Without realizing there is an application that will automatically send certain data to the manufacturer. Usually, it can be More »

Commercial video ad Samsung Tab Pro taunted iPad Air

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro is promoted as the most powerful tablet computer that can meet all the needs of its users, he does not like the iPad Air. It has been More »

Obama: Blackberry more secure than the iPhone and Android

Despite the popularity of the BlackBerry is much smaller in the United States , U.S. President Barack Obama is still quite faithfully using these devices . Security is a major factor why More »


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Custom Colors casing For iPhone 4 or 4S

Custom Colors casing For iPhone 4 or 4S

Are you the owner of an iPhone 4/4S, but saturated in standard shades of black / white Apple has to offer. Now the saturation of the existing antidote, ColoWare, casing design company from the city of Winona, USA, has offered 4/4S casing for the iPhone that can be customized in color choices. Color selection can

Most iPhone 4S Break Records

Most iPhone 4S Break Records

More than one million customers in seven countries ordered Apple’s latest handset, the iPhone 4S, the first day of the bid. This number broke the previous record bookings. Apple said on Monday, October 10, 2011, pre-orders on Friday, October 7, 2011 and then hit a record 600,000 sales in the previous model, the iPhone 4.