For you who have a Blackberry, must know some secret code Blackberry, who knows could be using that as an emergency or to add the knowledge you wrote. So just know some Blackberry code list below:

iphone secret2 BLACKBERRY Secret Code

  1.      ALT + NMLL to know the capacity of the signal bars
  2.      ALT + V A L D for verification Address Book
  3.      ALT + R B L D to edit the Address Book
  4.      ALT + RBV to view the source code in a Webpage
  5.      ALT + left Shift + press H to see the technical information contained in Blackberry
  6.      * # 0 6 # to find IMEI on Blackberry
  7.      ALT + Right Shift + Delete to find out the simulation capacity of the battery is full
  8.      ALT + LGLG to find the log that has been done in Blackberry
  9.      ALT + NUM / Aa / Cap + H to find out the PIN Information Access – IMEI – Vendor
  10.      ID – Free Memory – OS Version
  11.      MEPD on the Sim Card to check the status of locked or unlocked Blackberry
  12.      ALT + Cap / Aa Right + DEL to restart the Blackberry that is hun


Sample, Blackberry Storm Unlock Code Instructions:

done, hopefully help


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