BlackBerry Protect To Protect Your BlackBerry

bb protect 150x150 BlackBerry Protect To Protect Your BlackBerryBlackBerry Protect To Protect Your BlackBerry

For those of you BlackBerry owners a good idea to install an application named “BlackBerry Protect” from RIM. BlackBerry Protect offers the protection of personal data, discover your BlackBerry device, lock, backup / restore of data, and delete data in your BlackBerry via the BlackBerry Protect website.

Here’s how to install the BlackBerry Protect on your BlackBerry device:

  • Download the “BlackBerry Protect” in the App World.
  • Once installed, run the application and select “I Agree” to “Protect the BlackBerry Software License Acknowledgements”.
  • Next will display the features in the BlackBerry Protect. Select “Continue”
  • In the next step, Log In using your BlackBerry ID, wait until the process is complete, then select “Next”.
  • You can perform data backup for the first time, and you can adjust the frequency of backups automatically, you can also select the data you want backed up contacts, memos, calendars, and so on.
  • Mark the box beside the words “I want this device’s location …” to know the location of your BlackBerry device if one is lost.
  • After the backup process is complete the main display will appear from the BlackBerry Protect. Some other features offered by BlackBerry Protect can also be accessed via include:
  • View Current Location, to determine the existence of a BlackBerry in the map view.
  • Loud Ring, this feature is to ring your BlackBerry with a maximum volume even on silent profile, useful when you forget to put your BlackBerry or BlackBerry when you are lost.
  • Display a Message, to write special messages on the screen and bring your BlackBerry
  • Device Lock, lock your BlackBerry device remotely and create a new password for open.
  • Wipe Device, to delete all your important data that exist on the BlackBerry.


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