Basic tips to prevent malware attacks on Android smartphones

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Android is the most popular smartphone OS in the world to date, but Android is also the most targeted by malware. And the data says that 99% of malware is targeted Android devices. But you do not need to worry. You can take precautions to ensure your Android device protected security.

Cisco’s annual security report said on January 99% of all malware in 2013 by victims of the Android OS, while the antivirus company Kaspersky Lab say the same thing which is equal to 98% in December last year.

So , Does Android have a huge security problem ? This is a tricky question because of the fact that many companies assume that antivirus manufacturers in the Android smartphone malware is also increasing every year , in addition to using antivirus or antimalware I will share some tips to ensure that you can use your Android device safe from malware attacks .

Here are tips to protect android phone from malware attacks :

  • Be careful when installing the application

We must be selective in choosing your application to be installed on your Android smartphone , especially for foreign applications. Do not carelessly downloading , check in detail whether it really is an original application that we are looking for or disguise application is usually trap malware.

  • Beware of phishing

Security in Android is not just about the applications installed on the Android smartphone . As with other devices , android is also prone to act like phishing or the like . Be careful in surfing the websites that ask for your personal data , especially in terms of online transactions . Be careful not mean not allowed .

Prevent phishing in Android is not so different from the computer : useful advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau, Microsoft and Symantec is to never hit a link in a text message from someone you know . Even if it looks like from a reputable company though .

  • Security lockscreen or lock screen

Another thing that applies to any smartphone in general , also Android devices , create a password for the security of the lockscreen , the password should be a combination of letters and numbers , as well as the latest namely use face unlock ( face detection ) , this is to avoid theft of personal data is usually done by your friends and even people who deliberately borrow smartphones that we use .

  • Consider the installation of antivirus software

If you still want to take additional steps to improve the security of your smartphone use , install a good antivirus is a good choice for the prevention of malware attacks .

Here are a few options available antivirus software from big names in the world :

AVAST Software Mobile Security & Antivirus , BitDefender Mobile Security & Antivirus , Lookout Security & Antivirus , Kaspersky Internet Security , Trend Micro Mobile Security & Antivirus , McAfee Antivirus Norton Security and Antivirus & Security all have a good rank in terms of computer security. Please select one of the antivirus which is considered quite good in maintaining the security of smartphones from malware attacks.

Best Antivirus for Android 5 Basic tips to prevent malware attacks on Android smartphones


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