Another advantage of Nokia compared to iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

In terms of number of sales reports, the Nokia Lumia is still less than the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy. However, never underestimate the greatness of this device camera.

As reported by Cnet (8/5), Nokia has recently uploaded a video that shows the greatness of technology PureView Lumia’s camera. Amazingly, this is done with a show of force provides a comparison of the iPhone and the Galaxy S4. Curious as to what greatness Lumia camera? Consider just the following video:

In this video, look how videos and photos taken from the roller coaster train that runs at night. This course will be a challenge for the greatness of a camera, where the camera should be able to take pictures of moving at high speed and with minimum light.

The result, as in the above video shows the Nokia Lumia superior in terms of image quality. While the Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 is not able to outperform the Lumia camera with its PureView features.

Unfortunately, the video was not shown what the Lumia series is being used by Nokia. But, maybe it is the Nokia Lumia 928, because it is a mainstay smartphone from Nokia at this time.


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