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appear in Episode IX Many Star Wars fans were disappointed when Lando Calrissian failed to turn up in either Episode VII: The Force Awakens or Episode viii: The Last Jedi. They found Skywalker hanging from the city and positioned the ship underneath him. Lobot recognized Calrissian's charm and ability to motivate people and counseled him to find a greater cause than himself and to do good for others.

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Unknown to the Rebels was that the Emperor had allowed them to learn this information, as he was luring them into a trap in an attempt to destroy them. 38 Since the production's beginning, Calrissian was always included in the script as he was necessary to the story. Calrissian then tried to enlist Cha's help in dealing with Aleksin. In the final match, Raynor gambled his position against Lando 's four million credits and ownership of a used starship lot on the moon of Nar Shadda. However, Aleksin killed her with his double-bladed lightsaber. "Billy Dee Williams ( Lando Calrissian (Interview). When two of the Star Destroyers trapped the Imperialis in their tractor beams, Calrissian devised a trick escape maneuver. The crew made their way to the farm that Lando purchased from Vizago, where Lando explained that his plan was to use the puffer pig for mining.