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lot of heartache, he said. National Federation of Independent Business Owners. Legislator of the Year - Humane Society (twice). I regret that decision, but I stand by the comments I made. AAA Legislator of the Year, amvets Legislative Silver Bayonet Award, county Officials hSB malmö Association - Outstanding Representative. "As a matter of City Policy, we do not comment on personnel issues the chief said. "Was histermination justice for him? "I regret, frankly, picking up the phone and calling the chief he said.

She thinks shes at fault for this. Lundberg said the officer didn't realize it at the time, but he was actually listening to the traffic stop on speakerphone. Lundberg said those comments came with an invitation to visit the police department the next day, review the body camera footage and measure the senators window tint.

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"I never should've covered the mic he said. Officer Kiersnowski was insubordinate with his attempt to persuade someone to take action to change police department policy that he does not agree with. I never expected to be terminated over it, he said. "I never expected to be terminated over it he said. He was doing his job and he didnt want to do that job clearly and he still did it, Sen. . That said, he told us he never thought hed lose his job because of his actions and words. "We all said if we find you driving we're going to write you a ticket he said.

senator Jon Lundberg dotter

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