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). But dino-sitter Freddy Facknitts gets them both into trouble when his "space ship" puts. Text is available under the, cC BY-SA.0 license; additional terms may apply. 7 It was retelecast on DD Malayalam (on Sundays after the 4pm movie) and Surya. 24 11 "Beach Blanket Dino" The secluded beach where Mario surfs and the kids play is taken over by Rad Tad and his group of Surf Dudes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump corian helsingborg to navigation, jump to search. At the museum, the friends encounter a gang of bullies. Accessed August 26, 2010. 34 21 "Birthday Party from Outer Space" The kids need Denver out of the way while they prepare a surprise birthday party for their dino-pal.

Tule sinäkin mukaan Denverin seikkailuihin. She has blonde hair in a ponytail. 12 12 "Dinoland" 27 September 1988 (27 September 1988) Heather's new job makes for an exciting day of chases and thrills as Denver is mistaken for an employee of the park who is out to spy for a rival amusement park. The show revolves around the adventures of Denver, the last dinosaur, who was released from his egg by a group of California teens: Jeremy, Mario, Shades, Wally, and Casey, along with tag-along older sister, Heather. 50 37 "There's No Business Like Snow Business" 22 November 1988 (22 November 1988).

Hela serien släpptes på DVD i region 1 den 16 september 2014.
Fyra tonårspojkar (Jeremy, Mario, Shades och Wally) hittar ett stort dinosaurieägg på en byggarbetsplats.
Denver, den sista dinosaurien är en amerikansk-fransk animerad TV-serie från 1988.
Denver, the Last Dinosaur is an American animated series produced by World Events was nationally syndicated throughout the United States in 1988 with reruns airing until 1990.
Episodes often focused on issues of conservation, ecology, and friendship.

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