8 Things you must do for your new iPhone

You’ve got a new iPhone? This time I will share important tips about what you should do, after buying a new iPhone.

Here’s 8 things you must do for your new iPhone:

1. Activation iOS Device

When it first opened the new iPhone please immediately activate your new iPhone. Use sim card opening tool in the box. Please note that the latest generation iOS devices already using Nano SIM.

Then, turn on your iPhone and you will see a welcome screen . Wait a few moments to recognize the iPhone sim card, do slide to the right on the part that says slide to adjust to start setting some initial things like:

  •  Language and location settings
  • Wifi network options ( you can choose the network is not available )
  • Activation of location services
  • Set up your iPhone ( select Set Up New iPhone for you who have not used an iPhone or do not have a backup file of the previous iPhone in iTunes )
  • Login Apple ID ( you can make it in this menu by selecting the Create a Free Apple ID or you can use iTunes on a computer is easier )
  • Activation iCloud, Find My iPhone, arrange Touch ID ( for iPhone 5s ) and the final set Passcode.
  • Activation Siri, after that you will get a welcome screen that read welcome to the iPhone and starting at the bottom that you can press to go to the home screen.

2. Install the latest iTunes on a computer

Apple makes iTunes not only as a music player application and shop at the iTunes Store. In addition, it is also useful to set up iTunes files on iPhone. Among other things, perform backups, add and delete songs, videos, photos, apps, and many other things.

3. Creating an Apple ID

After completion of the iPhone is activated, you can create an Apple ID on the computer .
Next, use that account to log in from your iPhone from Settings – iTunes & App Store. Then log in iCloud via menu Settings – iCloud  using the same email with your Apple ID.

4. Settings and Sync iOS Devices

Apple makes iOS device and iTunes on the computer as inseparable. On the iPhone such as inserting applications, songs, videos, other files to go through iTunes. Backup or copy the configuration that you do can be done using iTunes. Similarly, restore or reformat your iPhone, you also have to use these app.

5. Configuring iCloud

Apple cloud service, called iCloud synchronization can helps you in some way from your iOS device to the computer. For example, you can add friends contacts in iCloud via the web site and contact the computer will automatically appear simultaneously in others devices.

Enable iCloud on the iPhone through the Settings – iCloud. You can enable the option are: Mail, Contatcs, Calendar, Reminders, Safarai, Notes, Passbook, Keychain, Photos, Documents & Data, and Find My iPhone.

6. Configure Find My iPhone and Other Security Features

The next setting is to secure your iPhone device. The first thing you do is turn on the Find My iPhone from iCloud menu. This feature is useful if you lose your iPhone and want to track it or remotely.

Second, allow the access code. The passcode is a combination of numbers that you need to enter the lock screen so ignorant hands can not access your iPhone. Enable the access code from the Settings – iCloud – Find My iPhone.

Third, it allows restrictions. It allows you to restrict access to some of the default Apple apps make it more secure. For example, one of the benefits is that you can enable access restrictions to remove an application, using Facetime, using features available In-App Purchaces. How to enable this feature from the Settings – General – Restrictions. When you get in the beginning there will be a display for entering the password. Do not confuse remember, this is to establish a new input password restrictions.

7. Learn the Default Applications

Basic setting is completed. Now it’s time you learn and use the default application. Try to learn to Safari, Mail, App Store, Camera and some other applications other defaults.

8. Download Application What You Need on the App Store

Once you feel enough to learn from your iPhone’s built-in applications and begin to feel the need for additional applications, direct download in the App Store. You can use the iOS device directly in the App Store. In addition, you can also download applications from the iTunes Store for iOS devices and computers sync.

iphone1 8 Things you must do for your new iPhone

Done. Not at all difficult to use and learn the iPhone. If you are already adept at using it, you probably will not want to again move to another platform. As some of my friends have a tendency to buy other Apple products.

iPhone 5s just been released some time ago, and if you are interested in having an iPhone, immediately go to the nearest gadget store.


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