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Nicola - Chavez, Eva, chavez, Eva - Coleman, Clotilda, coleman, Clotilde - Covert, James. 756 Elinor Langer, Josephine Herbst: The Story She Could Never Tell (Boston: Little, Brown, 1984) isbn,. 7 In her letters and papers, wrote her biographer, Herbst revealed that she knew Chambers as "an underground agent of the Communist Party known as 'Carl responsible for transmission of documents from a sympathetic cell of government employees in Washington,.C., to Communist authorities. In 1936 she was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship.

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Visit Prime Video to explore more titles). Hehli, Janet - Hinojosa, Gloria, hinojosa, Gloria - Howe, Tommy, howe, Tommy - Jackson, William. Trivia: Niece of actress, claudia Galli and daughter of production designer. 189 Sam Tanenhaus, Whittaker Chambers: A Biography (Modern Library, 1998 isbn,. She returned to the United States to live. Borella, Margaret - Bromfield, Horace, bromfield, Horace - Burk, Thelma, burk, Thelma - Carigliano, Mary. 8 Ruth Herrmann, widow of Herbst's ex-husband, John Herrmann, told Langer that her late husband was "the man who introduced Chambers to Alger Hiss." 9 10 Works Nothing is Sacred, 1928 Money for Love, 1929 Pity is Not Enough, 1933 The Executioner Waits, 1934 Rope. Dougherty, Francis - Edwards, Robert, edwards, Robert - Farioli, Susan, farioli, Torquato - Floyd, Karl. Knezich, Katherine - Lamoy, Frank, lamoy, George - Leonard, John, leonard, John - LopezRamos, Sandalio. Mcguire, Angela - Meyerhofer, Thomasina, meyerhofer, Urban - Montgomery, Albert, montgomery, Albert - Munzlinger, June.

John Herrmann, whom she married in 1926 and divorced in 1934. Register, Max - Roberts, Dorothy, roberts, Dorothy - Rouse, A, rouse, A - Sargeant, Dora Sargeant, Dora - Sears, Benatha Sears, Benedict - Silago, Wilson Silagowski, Joseph - Smith, Mary Smith, Mary - Stanton, Ruric Stanton, Russel - Suarez, Lass SuarezLassu, Raimundo - Tetidrick, Kyle. During this time Herbst published her first short stories under the pseudonym Carlotta Geet. Newsletter, stay connected, explore, biographies, aaaf, Jovnn - Anderson, Andrew, anderson, Andrew - BadilloMart, Juana. Covert, James - Damon, Blaine, damon, Blake - Dempsey, Rozilla, dempsey, Rube - Dougherty, Francis. See more star Sign: Virgo, getting Started, contributor Zone contribute to This Page, rent or Buy Popular Movies With Prime Video.