bilpool stockholm bmw

perfect for longer trips - trips to the family lunch, the museum, or ikea. Read more about the, bMW i3, bMW i3, bMW 1 Series. This product provides you with the same benefits as always, but at an even lower price. Use our app to find, reserve, unlock and lock the cars. The number of customers in the Swedish capital was lower than expected when the service was started three years ago, the German carmaker said in a statement Wednesday. Daimler AGs Car2Go, to help boost its customer base and expand the service offering.

Bilpool stockholm bmw
bilpool stockholm bmw

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Savings Package: The perfect fit for the daily driver and regular users. The registration fee is DKK 89 and 30 minutes of driving is included in the price. Hundreds of premium cars, with DriveNow you have access to hundreds of the latest, bMW and mini cars that fit all your needs. Congestion taxes and parking fees also made it more difficult to keep the business running. Prepaid minutes: Buy a fixed number of minutes at a consistently low price. DriveNow, which operates as a so-called free-floating service, which allows users to pick up and leave cars anywhere within a specified area, had revenue of 71 million euros and recorded a 17 million-euro loss last year. AGs DriveNow car-sharing service halted operations. After you register, you are free to choose the option that fits exactly your driving needs between DKK.50 and DKK.00 per minute: Pay by the minute: Use the DriveNow cars whenever the need occurs.