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Berlin is your jam head here. Kom då hit och få dig en underjordisk berlin-feeling mitt i malmö! To be able to join our underground parties and other fun events we sometimes need you to be a member of Technostate. Both are djs since 1992 and had shows with Jeff Mills, Dinky, Abe Duque, Juan Atkins, Dub Taylor,. Pblico, with a vibrant Latin feel, this elaborately decorated restaurant morphs into a nightclub later in the evening, with exotic dishes making room for even more exotic cocktails. Färgfabriken doesnt turn into a club every night but when it does it does it with enormous gusto and style. VI saknar DIG jona. It may not look like much on the outside but once youre through the door. Fasching, the coolest jazz club in town plays host to some of best international acts around, which is enough to recommend this place in itself.

While many festivals are forced to shut down, underground clubs continue to attract raving kids.
Originally it was known as the.
Stockholm techno sound but gradually, with the contributions of artists from other parts of Sweden, it evolved into the Swedish techno sound.
Swedish techno was also partially a club phenomenon that happened for a few years in the late 1990s.
As the year winds down, the Russian electronic duo, Volac, is looking to end things off with a bang with the announcement of their funky tour, in conjunction with the release of their funky EP out on December 7th on Night Bass Records.

Sturegatan 4, Stockholm, Sweden. Its an incredibly popular spot, sweaty and crowded and about the best fun you can have if dancing the night away under the midnight sun gets your motor running. And when we say popular we mean popular; the lines are long and the place is packed so get there early if you dont feel like cooling your heels. Bio: The analogue live performance Einklang freier Frequenzen is a project of Telly Quin and Plastique. Rödbodtorget 2, Stockholm, Sweden. It has three different areas and plays the best electronic music in Stockholm.

Vi har en ny lokal som det allt för sällan körs fester. Per-Olof Forsberg / Flickr, sture Compagniet, one of the poshest clubs in town, Sture is the ultimate Stureplan club, where the beautiful people of Östermalm (and Östermalm-wannabes) gather in their finery to enjoy four separate spaces spread across two glamorous floors.

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