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but I don't think it's carotene or potassium. You can always just add more water or stock back into the soup. I'm not sure exactly what in the squash it is that causes it, but since different people react differently - some people have strong reactions like you, some people have mild ones, and some have no problem at all - it seems to be some. This can even be a good thing, since it lets you replace water with a more flavorful liquid.). But if you do really need to peel it and cut into chunks, your best hope is just to try to avoid touching it too much. If you do end up with this despite your best efforts, cortisone cream can help relieve the reaction afterward. You can avoid it by completely wearing gloves while working with the squash, or if you're lucky, you have someone else with you who can handle the squash without problems.

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(And as for your soup, there's nothing wrong with letting more moisture escape in exchange for browning. It's definitely a very real kulturbageriet umeå frukost reaction. Den här satsen räckte till 2 st 1-literns glasburkar. How to Make an No Meat vegetarian Baked Ziti. Better than grandma s recipe! We make ours with ricotta and mozzarella cheese. Feel free to add ground beef or italian sausage if you. Jag började blogga när vi fick reda på att vår son var komjölksproteinallergisk.