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Beer - you receive this event manager jobb i stockholm quest from a guard near Goliet' s west gate. Armor Smith, he' s selling armor, weapons, shield and crafting materials. You can also try to defeat him in a duel or - if you have one point invested in Combat - you can convince him to change his mind. You can complete a few simple quests that can give you experience: The Second Guard - Eldur asks you to find Alvar who was supposed to replace him in guarding the gate.

Elex, extended Mix eLex, Culture Code iCompilations 2, phuture Gold (feat. Ich besitze eine legale Spielkopie und ansonsten keine Rechte an den Medien. Goliet is a city taken straight out of medieval times. Alrik, he' s a Crafting Trainer. Rüstung bei 9:40, playlist: m/playlist? Doing that gives you 50 Elexit. Please try again later.