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know very little about what the hotels are like. Finally i find an abandoned gas station with a light on, go take a pic and its accepted into pending! In its early years, Uber repeatedly clashed with regulators in major cities around the world. The decision was a vindication of the more conciliatory strategy of Uber's new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi. This is one of the most written about cities in the world, so when we want to go to a museum, or gallery, go window shopping, or whatever, we look at the same sources as tourists (listings sites, blogs, etc - see front page. Customers would often rally to Uber's defense, helping to pressure authorities not to shut the service down. The more specific you are the better, otherwise you'll just get pointed back to the generic guidebooks, blogs and our wiki. It includes recommended sites to find places to live and rent, and has a section on what particular areas are like.

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Uber appealed that ruling, and on Tuesday the Westminster Magistrates' Court ruled in favor of renewing the company's license for a 15-month probationary period. Don't just say you want "somewhere nice to eat say what type of cuisine you like (or don't like). In the middle of driving tonight, surge is just starting to come up, I go offline to find a place to take a piss. We've listed some of our favourite lesser-known stuff here: /r/london/wiki/secretlondon, and the cheap/free stuff here: /r/london/wiki/lowbudget, how do I pay for the Tube/bus, and what's an Oyster card? Also Uber sent me like 7 simultaneous time stamped emails about my picture suddenly being bad. r/IWantOut /r/UKvisa - Check if you need a visa and how to get one if you want to work here. The company's ability to offer service in the city had been called into question last September when London's transportation regulator denied Uber's application for a five-year renewal of its license. r/london/wiki/londonpass, other subs that you may find helpful: /r/LondonSocialClub - Meeting new people for events, activities and/or pints.

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